Delivery Updates

This page shows updates and details for upcoming shipment deliveries.

Updated 3rd Dec

Weekly shipments are finalised at midnight every Sunday.

Please refer to your purchase date or preorder title when checking the below scheduled shipments.

You must refer to the Refund Policy stages if you want to cancel an order.

Stray Kids 
- For updates on the ROCK-STAR preorder please check here

ATEEZ - Preorders will ship with Shipment No.118 below or if necessary will have their own dedicated shipment. There may be some delays with extra POB versions but details will be updated when we have more information.

Current period - 30th Nov - 10th Dec
Orders taken from this point will NOT arrive before Christmas 

Stage 1

Pre-orders to be included;


• Shipment No. 119


Orders placed between - 27th Nov - 29th Dec

Stage 2
Last shipment before Christmas

• Currently being organised for a shipment being sent next week.

• Shipping from Korea - TBC before 7th Dec

Pre-orders to be included; 

ATEEZ - TBC. Copies might be sent in their own dedicated shipment. Some extra POB copies may have possible delays 


• Shipment No.118


Orders placed between - 20th-26th Nov

Stage 3 (No cancellations)

• Packed and ready to ship

• Shipping from Korea - 4th Dec

Pre-orders included;

ATEEZ - Apple Music and Withmuu POB copies only

Weeekly Lightsticks
Dino - Thirteen Tapes

• Shipment No.117

Orders placed between - 13th-19th Nov

Stage 3 (No cancellations)

• Shipped from Korea - 27th Nov

• Status - We have started to get notifications that the shipment is now in motion from Korea so we are hoping for delivery early next week. When we have more information we’ll update this section.

If you weren’t aware, this shipment has sadly been delayed due to a cargo backlog at Incheon Airport in Korea. We apologise for this delay.

• Est. order dispatch - TBC

Pre-orders included;

The Boyz

• Shipment No.116