Customer Guide

Thank you for visiting Kpop Moon

Standard orders take approx. 10-15 days to arrive into the UK and are then posted out to customers. Once you’ve placed your order, you can refer to your purchase date in the Delivery Updates page. There you can see progress of the weekly shipment that will contain your order.

Please read the below Customer Guide so you’re aware of our order process and company standards.

For anyone viewing this page outside of the UK there is a section for International Orders near the bottom of this page.

Unlike most stores, we order albums and lightsticks individually from our Korean supplier instead of relying on stock. This allows us to source rare and otherwise unavailable albums no matter the pricing.

All products are brand new and sourced from our Korean supplier. We’re in contact with our supplier every weekday so can answer any queries you may have quickly. We’re very proactive in wanting our customers to feel confident with our service, so if you have any queries please feel free to ask any time using the contact page or store chat.

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and please ask that you understand the timing and cancellation stages when placing orders.


• Order Timing

Orders take approx. 10-15 days to arrive into the UK and are then posted out to customers. Orders are taken within a Monday to Sunday period and are then organised into shipments to the UK.

For pre-orders please allow 2-3 weeks for them arrive into the UK after the release date. This is typically sooner but may take up to 3 weeks for big releases or copies with extra pre-order benefits.

All orders are dispatched with Royal Mail and are posted without tracking, with the exception of the Next Day Delivery option. We appreciate it’s common for orders placed anywhere online to be tracked but due to the way Kpop Moon is run, it’s not practical or cost effective for us to have a tracked service and pick up contract with Royal Mail. Please note that the code generated with your dispatch confirmation will simply tell us when delivery has been attempted and/or completed.


• Delivery Updates

Please check the Delivery Updates page for information on when you can expect your order. You must refer to your order date to see which shipment your order will be included in.

For pre-orders the name of the group/soloist will be shown within the same week as the release date. If there are any delays then notes will be added.

Due to so many potential changes and updates to shipments we don’t contact customers directly as standard, but may do so if there are any individual delays to non-preorder items. Once your order is dispatched within the UK you’ll receive a dispatch confirmation email.


• Cancellation Stages

The following stages are stated within each shipment on the Delivery Updates page. As we take orders by exact numbers instead of buying in stock, it’s important to understand these stages.

Stage 1
Orders can be cancelled easily if requested within the Monday to Sunday period that they’re ordered. For preorders they can be cancelled easily before the release date however some albums with special preorder benefits may be more difficult, for example Soundwave and Makestar.

Stage 2
At this stage our supplier will be organising orders taken the previous week. If a refund is requested at this time then there may be a small fee taken from your refund so your order can be returned to stockists. This is typically between £3 - £5.

Pre-orders are applicable from Stage 2 after their release date.

Stage 3
This stage will be applicable from the point our supplier has packed the shipment ready to be dispatched from Korea. At this stage we will no longer accept any requests for refunds.


• Availability 

On each product’s listing notes you will see the availability stated as high, low or very low. This is a guide to show roughly how many copies are readily available from stockists in Korea. If there are any issues with your order then our supplier will inform us and you’ll be notified via email, but this is very rare.


• Packaging

For thin and light albums, book wrap mailers are used for packaging. These layer around and give great protection for your orders compared to Jiffy bags. Large and fragile albums as well as multiple albums/lightsticks are wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged in double wall boxes packed with recycled brown paper packing. We also include free sweets within orders sent in boxes where there’s more space.


• Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service you can expect while shopping online. Our Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves so please check them to see what our customers have said about our store. We’re very grateful to all our customers and hope that you enjoy shopping with us too.


• International Orders

We currently provide the option to ship to mainland European countries. The price for shipping is scaled to allow for multiple parcels due to the 2kg limit from our shipping provider. We ask that customers contact us to discuss their potential order first, but if applicable we will issue partial refunds once orders are eventually dispatched.

Depending on the total shipping cost for your order, you may be eligible for a partial refund if the final cost is lower than your initial payment. If applicable this will be processed once your order is dispatched. Alternatively if you contact us to discuss your potential order first, we can talk you through placing your order without the shipping fee, which we will then invoice you afterwards with a more accurate figure.

For anyone wanting to order from outside of Europe, please contact us to discuss what you’d like to purchase. We may be able to organise shipping from our Korean supplier directly to your country. If this is the case then any import taxes will be paid for directly by the customer.

Please note that we are unable to send out poster tubes for international customers.


• Special Requests

If you have any special requests please feel free to contact us. We’ve provided random merch from NewJeans Keyrings to (G)I-DLE plushies and we’re always very happy to take special requests.


• Housekeeping

We’re currently in the process of going through every single listing to make sure they have album preview images. This may not be possible for some older albums but for the most part we’ve tidied up about 2/3 of all listings that were added since we started Kpop Moon 2 years ago. All listings with a • instead of a - between the group/soloist and album name have been checked and tidied up to fit with our current standards. We are always wanting to grow and improve so if you see any errors or want to give any feedback, positive or negative, we would be very grateful.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you with your Kpop needs.

Kpop Moon Team